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Online application for Troop 5 Male click here and Troop 5 Female click here.

Summer Camp 2023 Camp Rainey Mountain - Merit Badges Registration Begins March 23

Posted by hjinks on Mar 21 2023 - 10:45am

Deposit Required to register for Merit Badge on March 23.

When:    June 25 - July 1, 2023

Cost     $395.00 Scouts
            $195.00 Adults

Shoe Fundraiser

Posted by hjinks on Dec 21 2022 - 9:14am

Shoe Fundraiser begins 1/2

Embroidered Troop 5 Logo

Posted by hjinks on Apr 29 2022 - 11:09am

A order in for the embroidered Troop 5 logo will placed sometime in early May.  There are some sample in the committee room.

The prices below are estimated. There are more options available. Will update prices soon.

Mess Kit

Posted by hjinks on Oct 12 2021 - 7:12pm

Each Scout must provide their own Mess Kit for camping trips – Plate, bowl, cup, water bottle, utensils

On-Line Registration

Posted by hjinks on Sep 19 2021 - 8:37pm

Troop 5 Males - On-Line Application

Troop 5 Females - On-Line Application

Troop 5 Advancement Email

Posted by hjinks on Aug 24 2021 - 9:44am

Scouts can submit any questions and/or merit badge requirements as completed to advancement@troop5jax.com for review. This email is connected to the Scoutmaster, Advancement Coordinator, Committee Chair and Treasurer. It is also recommended to include a parent/guardian. 

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